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Swirl Seasons is a home-based business. We have a passion for making gift giving memorable and sweet. Our specialty is simple gift cakes and hampers. Flavored with home-made goodness, our simple cakes are truly the perfect gift for any occasion. Our personalized gift hampers are perfect for birthdays, and other occasions.

Click on the Shop Button below to view what gifts we have to offer this season and to place an order. We allow you to place orders and pay later. That way, we can contact you to confirm preferences, payment and delivery details first. So click Shop now and explore away!

What We Do Best...

  • We offer home-made butter cakes. Iced with buttercream or simply glazed, our cakes make a wonderful gift or treat for any occasion. Visit our Cakes & Treats catalog to explore options or place an order. Prices are budget-friendly.


  • Discover options to customize your cake. Explore options to get a cake that suits your preferences and budget.


  • Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry flavors are great favorites with us. Explore cakes, make a pick and let's get talking!

  • Gift Hamper contents are customizable as follows:

  • Customized Frame (Citation/Picture/Card), Cake, Plus Sparkling Wine, 2 Chocolates, 1 Pack of Biscuits, 2 Cosmetics and 1 Accessory OR

  • Customized Frame (Citation/Picture/Card), Plus 5 Extras of your choice

Once an order is placed, we will contact you to choose preferred flavours, brands and Extras from our stock. Extras stock includes: Body Splash, Body Spray, Pasteurized Yogurt, Chocolate, Purse, Customised T-shirts, Diary, Key-holders and more.


Also known as mini-citations, these are framed gifts: Your message on a designed background and framed. Frame can be customized with a picture if desired.

Mini-citations can be ordered as a standalone gift or may be ordered as part of a gift set. Ideal for birthdays, congratulations, baby showers, love anniversaries, thank you messages and other occasions.

Mini-citations come in 3 sizes for different occasions:

Small (A6) GHS 25

Medium (A5) GHS 30

Large (A4) GHS 35


KNUST Kumasi, Ghana


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