Choose and customise your gift set here. Our gifts come in 3 main options, Gifts in a Bag, Gifts in a Box and Gift Hampers. Select any of these and choose the occasion the gift is for to see the price.

  • Gift Bag sets range from GHS 50 - 80
  • Gift Box sets range from GHS 90 -150
  • Gift Hamper sets range from GHS 150- 200


Our Gift Sets are fully customisable as follows:

Gift Bag sets contain 3 items:

  • 1 Printed Note, 1 Cake, 1 Drink/Edible/Extra of your choice.


Gift Box sets contain 5 items: 

  • 1 Customised Card, 1 Cake, 3 Extras of your choice.


Gift Hamper sets contain 7 items:

  • Customised Frame (Citation/Picture), Cake, Plus Sparkling Wine, 2 Chocolates, 1 Pack of Biscuits, 2 Cosmetics and 1 Accessory OR
  • Customised Frame (Citation/Picture), Plus 5 Extras of your choice.


Once order is placed, we will contact you to choose preferred flavours, brands and Extras from our stock. Extras stock includes: Body splash, Body spray, Yogurt, Chocolate, Purse, Customised T-Shirts, Diary, Keyholders, and more.

Gift Set

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