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Make Your Gift Count

Updated: Jul 17

Gift giving involves much more than buying an item and giving it to another person. Anyone who has tried to get a gift for someone else knows that all too well. For a gift to count and be appreciated by the recepient, there are a couple of things to consider. In this article, we will address how you can make your gift count.

Let's pause here for a moment and think. Have you ever received a gift that totally made your day? What was it about the gift that you really liked?

On the reverse, remember something someone did for you on a birthday that you didn't like at all. Now consider, what was it about this gift you wish was done differently? Pause really, and think about it for a moment...

For the purposes of this article, we'll consider giving a gift to close family or friends. The dynamics are slightly different when it comes to giving a gift in the corporate setting or to someone who isn't close.

Things to consider when giving a gift to a close relative or friend:

1. The occasion

2. Expectations

3. Thinking ahead

4. Presentation

5. Response

It's my hope that after reading this piece you'll get responses like this for all your efforts. It's worth it!

The Occasion

Is it a birthday, a graduation party, a wedding, a baby shower or a festive season like Christmas? For instance, you might think of getting your best friend a cake on her birthday but for her wedding you may think of something else.


What expectations does your Loved One have? Are they expecting a gift or will your gift be a surprise? Do they even like surprises? This may sound like a no-brainer but it's wise to note that not everyone likes surprises. Does your Loved One like the element of surprise but still like to choose? Since they're close to you, you know them best and hopefully you have answers to these questions. If you're unsure, use subtle methods to find out.

Thinking Ahead

Now nothing is more important to the success of gift giving than thinking ahead. In fact, thinking of your Loved One's special day ahead and planning how to make it special is the very essence of gift giving. Many times, the most successful and appreciated gifts are so because the recepient realizes you thought of them. On the contrary, last minute rushed gifts may obviously come across as an afterthought and may not have the desired effect.


Presentation of the gift is just as important as thinking ahead. Now you know what your Loved One would like on this occasion, this is where you ask yourself, how do I present it? Wrapped up sweetly and left for them to discover? Handed over in person over a romantic dinner? Or given at a large party where even the opening of the gift adds to the fun?


Finally, after you've put in all this thought and given your gift, your satisfaction comes from the joyful response of your Loved One. Hopefully, you'd have gotten it right and they'll love the gift... Congratulations and best wishes!

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